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ways to preserve your wedding flowers using professionals - flower preservation workshop

Eight ways to preserve your wedding flowers using professionals

Ever wondered what ways you could preserve your wedding flowers using professionals? Here are a few options
flower preservation benefits - flower preservation workshop

The benefits of preserving flowers – Reasons why you should be considering it and doing it

Preserve your flowers for yourself? the mother of the bride/groom, a friend or family member as a gift? Preserving flowers is a wonderful way to prolong their beauty and enjoy their presence for a longer period of time. For years...
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Newly engaged? What happens next?

Whether you’ve been waiting for the day to come or it was a total surprise. It’s such an amazing feeling once you’ve said Yes. Congratulations on your engagement! This is an incredibly special time in your life, and here are...
DIY Preserved Flower Kits

How to preserve your own flowers at home?

Tips and useful information from our founder Rachael Ruddle As a professional preservation artist, I have had the pleasure of working with many beautiful flowers and helping to preserve them for years to come over my 35 years within the...
keep wedding flowers fresh for longer

How to keep your wedding flowers fresher for longer?

Flowers smell amazing, look amazing and make us feel amazing most of the time let alone when we have our dream wedding bouquet crafted by a talented florist, here's some tips to keep your beautiful wedding flowers fresher for longer...
WIN! Competition Giveaway - free paperweight


Enter our first competition of 2023 for the chance to win a £400.00 paperweight The paperweight you could win can be wedding flowers preserved from your wedding bouquet, they can be a friends wedding flowers, they could even be flowers...
Multi Flower Paperweight - The Flower Preservation Workshop

First wedding anniversary – paper

If you are looking for a first anniversary gift, you have found it! After the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, your flowers are sometimes the last memory you have of your wedding day, getting away on honeymoon are...
Wedding flower bouquet preservation paperweights

Why Preserve your wedding flowers after your wedding ?

Preserving your wedding bouquet is a most to keep one of the most memorial items from your special day Whether you are having a large or small wedding, flowers are one of the essentials for brides and grooms when planning...
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Preserve my funeral flowers, a lovely way to remember the memory of a loved one

Multi Flower Paperweight - The Flower Preservation Workshop One of the most important elements of any funeral is the flowers. They should be the freshest flowers to fit with your theme and, most importantly, represent the individual being commemorated. But...
Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation

Our Ultimate Wedding Guide – Choosing the right florist?

There are so many decisions to make when planning your wedding.. The Date, The Dress, The Venue, The Bridal Party, The Cake, The Photographer, The DJ.. the list really could go on and on, but ultimately and the reality of...