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Terms and Conditions

The Flower Preservation Workshop

By sending/bringing your Flowers into our studios you verbally agree to our Terms and Conditions as stated.

A) This is your consent to allow the Flower Preservation Workshop to create your floral preservation using our expert knowledge and discretion based on the selection shown.
B) Each order is customized to suit you the customer; you have therefore given us permission to complete this work on your behalf. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the flowers reach our studios in the best condition.
C) We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we preserve all flowers to the best of our abilities, but cannot take responsibility for any results due to the flowers being of not 100% excellent quality upon arrival to our studios.
D) All flowers that we accept and preserve become 100% of our property until all fees applicable for preserving etc. are paid in full.
E) Some flowers may change slightly during the preservation process and some colour changes may occur through the moisture extraction process flowers can turn darker or lighter shades;

Red – turns a darker red/burgundy
Cream – turns a darker Cream/beige
Pink – turns a darker shade or lighter dependant on the varieties.

Peach/coral – this has a tendency to turn more pinker shades ( no matter what process is used to preserve the flowers

F)As our paperweights are spherical – any objects as well as flowers, such as jewellery etc. – this will magnify as well as the flowers in all of our paperweights so this should be considered when ordering.

Paperweights/3d preservation Section

G). The preservation of paperweights incorporates several different processes of preservation for some plant materials and although every effort to made to make these perfect, the following can occur ( please note this is very rare )

White/cream flowers can turn very slightly transparent.

Red/Burgundy flowers-Pink/peach can turn lighter
Pale peach can turn yellowy/cream

Small and fragile foliage may become loose in the paperweight.

H) It is at the designer’s discretion as to which foliage we deem most suitable for your paperweight decision.
I) The Flower Preservation Workshop cannot guarantee the final product and therefore all encapsulations are created are at the risk of the client.
J) Any flowers/personal items which have been encapsulated cannot be removed from the paperweight.
K) Any flowers that have not been chosen for the specific order are simply held in our Holding Chambers, where they are 100% secure.
L) Refunds/full payments

The Flower Preservation Workshop Ltd  do not offer refunds, all orders placed are unique to the client and therefore cannot be reimbursed.

N) In the event an order has been received damaged during its journey to the client we must be advised within 1 day upon receipt, we will then arrange for the order to be collected from the delivery address and a new order will be made within approximately 14 days. Please note this is an approximation.
O) In the unlikely event an order is lost during its journey to the client, we will endeavour to replace the lost order  using the remaining flowers which are held in our holding chambers and the claim will be pursued between The  Flower Preservation Workshop and the Courier Company. This may take another 1-4 weeks dependant on the size of the order/paperweight.
P) In the unlikely event of an incorrect order being issued to the client we will require the return of the ‘incorrect  order’ in its original packaging within 7 days of receipt.
Q) Following on from Note O – If an incorrect order has been received by the client we will endeavour to correct the error by using the remaining flowers which are stored in the Holding Chambers, see Note K, to recreate the correct order, this will take approximately 1 – 3 weeks dependant on the size of the order/paperweight.

The client will be required to return the paperweight at their expense in the same condition and packaging as the order has been received – the new design will then be created ( min 4 weeks ) .

Our sizing – each paperweight is totally unique and all our designs are hand made . Sizing of our larger designs come in 6″ and 8″ larger molds. If flowers /petals fall off then the paperweights are re ground to remove any blemishes as there is a higher risk of this in our larger creations , so they may be made smaller after removing these particles – this is purely done as the design imperfections would have been totally visible within the spheres.

We will try to not take too much off but it is at the designers discretion to make the paperweight as beautiful as possible and the size best for the beauty of the flowers to be seen.

 R). The Flower Preservation Workshop’s liability is strictly limited to the full purchase price of the paperweight/s.
S).The final balance of your order will be due within 30 days of your invoice date, however earlier if the order is  ready to be dispatched to you. Failure to make payment prior to this date will result in the automatic cancellation of your order.
T). Deposits are non-refundable .After your payment has been received you are committed to following your order through to its conclusion. If for any reason, you decide that you no longer wish to proceed with having your flowers preserved you will still be liable for the full outstanding amount of your order as we only take limited orders each week.
Flowers which upon receipt at our studios are then property of The Flower Preservation Workshop until full payment is made. We will endeavour to contact you prior to this date to notify you providing a final reminder.
W). Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

When purchasing a paperweight online where we are supplying the flowers , the process to design this can take up to 28 days to design and send back to you, (dependant upon the order )

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