Flower Packaging Guide

To ensure your wedding or funeral tribute flowers are safely preserved, follow these straightforward steps for packaging. This guide will help you prepare your flowers for sending to us without any damage.

You Will Need:

  • Your Flowers
  • At least 1 Plastic Container (Tupperware or Ice Cream Box preferred)
  • Parcel Bag or Wrap
  • Parcel Tape
  • A Pen
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Your Order Number

Note: Including foliage with your flowers is recommended as it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the final preserved item. Please use plastic containers for shipping; avoid cardboard boxes to prevent damage or water exposure. We also remind you that we do not return any packaging materials.

Steps for Sending Fresh Flowers:

  1. Prepare the Container: Line the bottom of your plastic container with a moist kitchen roll. This helps retain moisture within the flowers.
  2. Wrap Flower Stalks: Wrap a dry kitchen roll around the flower stalks and foliage for about 2-8 inches and then cover this section with cling film.
  3. Add Another Layer: Place another layer of kitchen roll over the flowers and securely seal the container.
  4. Position Flowers Carefully: Ensure the flower heads are not touching the edges of the box to avoid bruising.
  5. Label Your Package: Clearly write your name, address, and reference number inside the package.
  6. Include Payment Confirmation: If you've paid online, ensure your four-digit reference number is included. If possible, also include a copy of your payment receipt.
  7. Seal and Send: Seal the container with parcel tape. Send it via ROYAL MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY (Guaranteed Next Day by 1PM) from your local post office.

Steps for Sending Dried Flowers:

  • Follow the same steps as for fresh flowers, but there's no need to moisten the kitchen roll. Use dry kitchen roll both under and over the flowers.

Sending Address:


Additional Information:

If you have any queries about packaging your flowers for preservation, feel free to contact us. For inspiration, visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to see our latest wedding flower and bridal bouquet preservation designs.

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