Bridal Flower Bouquet Booking Deposit


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Bridal Bouquet Flower Preservation Deposit

Why wait.. book in with us today to have your flowers preserved.

Not sure what you want? Not sure what you can have with the flowers or budget?

Do not stress, we can help! Select this option and we can advise all your options following receipt of your flowers at our studios so we need to have confirmation within 48 hours so we know which flowers to preserve.We will then confirm these will work perfectly and select the flowers we require.

All the flowers on arrival  are placed securely in our chambers where they are frozen in time ( solidly frozen ) and once in this  area they have to be transferred across to the machines for the process to begin.

Any flowers we do not require for your order are removed and recycled as it’s too costly to preserve flowers we do not need to preserve .

By selecting to pay only a deposit payment now, you are also securing your flowers space with us following your wedding day.

This is for a deposit only. £99.00 to be paid today

The final invoice  will be raised once you have confirmed your chosen paperweight size/s

Having a lovely keepsake of your flowers to remind you of your day is so precious, this an everlasting memory. Flowers within a hand made bespoke floral paperweight will last for years and a sentimental keepsake to treasure.

Bridal Bouquet Flower Preservation Deposit

If you are unsure of how many paperweights you would like to have designed or what you can have with the flowers you have we strongly suggest you select this option.

You will only be charged £99.00 today the remaining balance will be payable at a later date

Once we have confirmed with you, your order selections this order will be amended and you will be charged the final balance once your order is confirmed.

Payment is due within 60 days from the date you have confirmed.

We can design single flower or multi flower paperweights in a variety of size of paperweights, bead charms to show off their beauty and when we have receipt of the flowers we can confirm your options.

Don’t forget that we can add any memorabilia into your paperweight. Please add this detail to the comments section when ordering and ensure that this is separately packed away from your flowers in a clear bag

Personalised plaques can also be added – Ensure to include these details when ordering


20 reviews for Bridal Flower Bouquet Booking Deposit

  1. fpw.manager

    Made us two absolutely beautiful paperweights when we thought our wedding flowers were beyond rescue.

    The look absolutely stunning and the team were communicative and helpful throughout.

    They really understand what these flowers mean to people and treat them with the care you’d expect.

    Chuffed with our final product and would be back again in an instant.

  2. fpw.manager

    I booked in the night before my wedding in panic and thankfully the team honoured my order. Huge relief and my flowers came out so amazing I have the paperweight next to my bed – San

  3. fpw.manager

    I recently saw this on facebook and I knew it was something I had to have. The flexibility of booking my wedding date in has really helped us with certainty and also financially – Naya

  4. fpw.manager

    I booked this deposit before I secured my venue. When you know you know! – Kabir

  5. fpw.manager

    I gifted this to my sister & her now husband. They had never heard of it and were thrilled. Top points for me! – Andrea

  6. fpw.manager

    Fantastic way of keeping your flowers forever. I wish I had known about this when my oldest daughter married – Susie

  7. fpw.manager

    Wedding gift for my step daughter. I had no idea what she would want so I went for this option so she could decide – Justin

  8. fpw.manager

    Best thing I ever did following my wedding was booking with this amazing company. They squeezed me in, I will be forever grateful for that – Zay

  9. fpw.manager

    We are getting married in 2024. I have just booked in and I cannot wait – Evarian

  10. fpw.manager

    We bought this as a wedding gift for our niece, unbeknown to us she had also booked herself in which was amazing as she then used our deposit to credit her account! So glad she didn’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to keep her flowers after her beautiful wedding day – Una

  11. fpw.manager

    I knew as soon as I got engaged that I wanted to do something with my flowers and as soon as I realised I didnt have to make a decision straight away but secure my wedding day I immediately booked my deposit – Jennifer

  12. fpw.manager

    When in doubt, choose this option & the friendly team help do the rest – Shaun

  13. fpw.manager

    After seeing what another bridal party did for their friend we also decided to do the same for our friend. She was so happy that she could save her bouquet! So glad we found you – Ceris

  14. fpw.manager

    So pleased l could pay in instalments , made our budget go even further so we could order more !

    Thank you so much Leslie

  15. fpw.manager

    Brilliant idea – thank you for offering this option it makes order so much easier

    Regards Dave

  16. fpw.manager

    Found paying a deposit was so helpful, l could then make up our minds after the flowers had been sent

    thank you Claire

  17. fpw.manager

    thank you for adding this option , so simple to order now

  18. fpw.manager

    We bought this as a gift for our daughter so she could decide what she would like following her wedding. It’s great to have options! – Julia

  19. fpw.manager

    The deposit option is a great option when you have no idea where to start! – Gregor

  20. fpw.manager

    I chose this option when ordering as a gift for a friend. A few of us (part of her bridal party) chipped in to give this for her wedding day. I am so pleased we did as she had never realised she could do this with her wedding flowers – Heidi

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