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Who are The Flower Preservation Workshop?

The Flower Preservation Workshop is a family run business based in the heart of Somerset, in the small town of Somerton.
We specialise in the design, manufacture and retail of high quality, bespoke, hand made paperweights.
We are also very proud to say that every step of designs are created on our site here in Somerset, providing an extremely unique and personal experience for all of our customers.

After 36 years this year in the field of floristry and flower preservation, we now specialise in our hand made, bespoke paperweights after building our business and our vast preservation knowledge on 3D Frames, Jewellery Boxes and Acrylic Cubes.

Each paperweight is unique and designed by our team of florists who will create a design suitable for the flowers that have been preserved.

We are extremely proud that The Flower preservation workshop has been awarded a membership of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, we are the only Flower Preservation Company in the UK that has been awarded this for our Unique hand made real flower Paperweights.

** Before sending your flowers to us PLEASE email or call us to receive your Unique Reference Number (this does not apply if you have paid a deposit or in full online orders, you will receive a number on your receipt – please place this in with your flowers ) **

What is 3D Flower Preservation?

Freeze drying flowers in their natural form. Preservation of flowers means the extraction of moisture held in the flowers by which the process by which water is removed from a frozen material by sublimation and processes, primary drying and secondary drying. By pre treating all our flowers before this process, this provides the perfect material of then a preserved flower. All of our flowers are preserved in a 3d form ( not pressed ) but as the same shape as before they go through this process. Please note that when we are extracting the moisture through this process, depending upon the age of the flower, the flower this may darken or lighten in colour.

Our process to gently remove all the moisture from the flowers takes a minimum of 12-16 weeks . It is vital so the moisture is removed slowly from the flowers so they retain as much colour as possible as well as the 3d formation.The flowers are then sent across to the designers to create your bridal flowers .

Are there any flowers that cannot be preserved?

There are a few varieties of flowers which are quite temperamental and after the preservation process – these can change in colour and texture. It is best to telephone initially to inquire if your flowers are suitable to be preserved. Below is a list of flowers than cannot be preserved.

  • ANEMONE ALL COLOURS – not accepted for flower preservation as the pollen becomes very loose and will disperse when preserved
  • Cala Lillies – Mango and shades of pink. Darker colours ok to preserve.
  • Protea ( exotic flowers – these will turn much darker through the preservation process as the outside shell will turn brown )
  • CHRYSANTHEMUMS – all colours
  • CANTERBURY BELLS – not accepted for flower preservation
  • RANUNCULUS – solid colour perfect to preserve ( plum colours can turn very dark ) two tone colours can vary depending upon their shade ( not great to be preserved )
  • DAHLIAS – Very temperamental – not accepted for flower preservation
  • Gerbera Red/Cerise Pink – Pale Colours CAN be preserved/
  • Scabious burgundy very temperamental to preserve , not accepted for flower preservation
  • ORCHIDS – Very temperamental – not accepted for flower preservation
  • PHLOX – Very temperamental – not accepted for flower preservation
  • SUCCULENTS – Very temperamental – not accepted for flower preservation
  • SUNFLOWERS – Very temperamental – not accepted for flower preservation
  • SWEET PEAS – Very temperamental – need to be very fresh but still cannot be guaranteed
  • PERNETTIA BERRIES – Very temperamental – not accepted for flower preservation
  • BOUVARDIA – Very temperamental – not accepted for flower preservation

Are there any flowers which may change during the preservation process?

Each and every flower is different, therefore each flower may react differently during the process of preservation – as flowers age, it is impossible to bring them back as they were on the actual day / event unless we are receiving them  on the same day. We can accept flowers up to 7 days after an event as long as the flower heads are still green underneath.

  • Orchids – Please advise of the variety and we can confirm if we can preserve this particular one. Cerise pink Orchids cannot be preserved and encapsulated but lighter colours may be acceptable
  • Protea and exotic flowers – these will turn much darker through the preservation process as the outside shell will turn brown<
  • Freesias – These are a temperamental flower, whether a double or single head. After preservation they can turn transparent, so we never used open Freesia heads within a paperweight as they are just too fragile unless they are delivered to our studios in perfect condition and only just coming out in bloom.
  • Tulips – Single flower heads. Some varieties have to be pre-treated and coated prior to encapsulation, but most varieties preserve well. Although, some flowers do change through the preservation process in the way of  colour and texture.
  • Peach and Orange/rust Flowers ( salmon pink especially)  As we do not pre colour or treat our flowers in any way, the natural colours may darken or lighten – for some reason peach and orange flowers especially can turn pink. Orange Freesias may turn v.dark,even flowers can turn a lighter shade of pink as the moisture is extracted , this is totally normal

Please Note: We cannot list ALL flowers that may vary in colour when preserved, the majority of flowers are perfect – if you are unsure please confirm with us initially before sending the flowers so we can advise you further.

How much does it cost?

This really depends upon the size and style of paperweight that you choose to have made as your keepsake, starting from £169.99-£389.00

We always have special offers – Payment must be made in full using the online checkout option – no further discounts apply

We sometimes offer special discounts, these do not apply to Special Offers or Return Delivery Charges these will be posted on our Home Page if available

When do I need to pay?

If you know what you would like to order – add the products you require to your basket and complete the checkout process.

Our brides offer for 2021/22 weddings – is simply a deposit for the preservation of our flowers for £75 ( plus the cost of return postage currently at £12 for single orders )this amount is then deducted from your order

You can then select the paperweight that you would like to have designed.

Payments can be made via Debit/credit card payments only directly through the website , we can no longer accept payments over the telephone due the stricter regulations of our card processing merchant , where we can send you a direct link to make your payment to us.)
We will await the arrival of your flowers and we can go from there with any designs – please feel free to email us at any time with any questions you may have, one of the preservation team will be happy to assist you – [email protected]

(no deposit is required when making payment in full)

We do not start any work on your flowers until a deposit has been paid .After receipt of payment your flowers are preserved, but NOT DESIGNED and encapsulated within the paperweight/s until the account balance is paid in full – late payment will delay your order.

Do l have to have all my flowers preserved?

No, this would not be possible to include your entire bouquet/tribute into a paperweight, therefore we would use the best quality flowers and foliage and any additional beads/Diamanté etc. within your design.

If you feel strongly that you would like certain flowers enclosed we will work with you if see if this is possible but we do not send images for your chosen paperweight design/s as no photographs are taken within this area as we in controlled areas with limited time scales due to the risk of moisture enclosing back into the flowers and only artificial lighting.Images of flowers are only required on receipt here and then after encapsulation.

The final selection of flowers used will be at our designers discretion and at the present time we are completing orders between 22-24 weeks due to the volume of orders this Season.

When do you need my flowers?

As soon after the event as possible please so we can then preserve the flowers when they are at their freshest condition, however we can preserve up to 7 days after the event.

We accept flowers into our studios 7 days a week (sat/sun by appointment only)

How long will my keepsake last?

The flowers once enclosed within the paperweight will last forever as no humidity can ever come back into the 100% sealed paperweight.

As advised in each consultation via telephone, face to face or email it is impossible to guarantee the final colour of the specimen as all flowers may react when encapsulated.

We cannot take responsibility for any air bubbles or particles that may become loose once your flowers have been encapsulated, nor a line within the paperweight which is from the pollen from the flowers ( as this has no where to escape too ).

How many flowers do l need to Send?

Ideally we would love to have as many flowers as you can possibly spare. We will then preserve the best flowers sent in and use these to create your paperweight, however please do not send the whole bouquet unless we are designing several p/weights as we shall only place them in our recycling area – see below to see how many flowers to send to us;

For example…

  • Our  3.5″ mixed flower Designs – 3/5 heads of assorted flower and foliage ( or more )
  • Our 4.5″ mixed flower Designs -6-8 heads of assorted flowers and foliage ( or more ).

When sending the whole bouquet, we will only keep a small selection of the flowers – enough to design 2  paperweights, any remaining flowers will be re-cycled as we have no longer the space to store surplus flowers.

BEFORE SENDING YOUR FLOWERS/FOLIAGE TO US PLEASE BE SURE TO ADVISE WHAT SIZE/S AND/OR STYLE/S YOU WOULD LIKE US TO CREATE FOR YOU – Failure to do this WILL delay your order extending the completion maximum completion time of 12 months – we are under no obligation to chase you for your choices.

Personal keepsakes – we will at the designers discretion add keepsakes in the form of lockets/brooches etc but they will be closed and not open due to the heat of the resin/metals etc . We will only therefore enclose lockets where images would not be visible.

Photo`s on soul/Pandora beads may heat up totally and we cannot take any responsibility for this as the heat/reaction with this material is beyond our control.

How do l get my flowers to you?

We have provided instructions for packaging and sending your flowers to us on our Flower Packaging page.

How is my order returned to me?

UK Return Delivery for all orders from £169.99 to £389.00 is charged at £12.00 (inclusive of VAT)
Orders over £389.00 – £1000 are charged at £25.00 ( inclusive of VAT )

We will either use Royal Mail Special Delivery to return your order or a Courier Service – unfortunately at present we are unable to give specific dates/times.

International Return Shipping is charged at the rate charged by the Post Office/Courier service. We will offer you alternative options depending upon the weight of your order after packaged up.

Can I change my return delivery address?

Yes of course however we must be notified in writing, ideally via email or text message so we have this for our records

We will however confirm the return delivery address shortly before the completion of your order so this can be notified at this point, this is usually required within 48 hours

What is your returns and refunds policy?

DEPOSITS are non refundable as we take limited orders each week and this payment secures your reservation .If you have placed an order online for a specific date and the flowers do not arrive then the transaction is non refundable also.

A) In the event an order has been received damaged during its journey to the client we must be advised within 1 days upon receipt, we will then arrange for the order to be collected from the delivery address and a new order will be completed, time-scales may vary. Minimum of 2 weeks.

B) In the unlikely event an order is lost during its journey to the client, we will endeavour to replace the lost order using the remaining flowers which are held in our holding chambers and the claim will be pursued between The  Flower Preservation Workshop and the Courier Company.

This may take another 1-4 weeks dependent on the size of the order/paperweight.

C) In the unlikely event of an incorrect order being issued to the client we will require the return of the ‘incorrect order’ in its original packaging within 7 days of receipt, we will reimburse the postage costs on receipt of the Original Post Office Receipt, this must be posted.

D) Following on from Note C) – If an incorrect order has been received by the client we will endeavour to correct  the error by using the remaining flowers which are stored in the Holding Chambers, see Note K, to recreate the correct order, this will take approximately 1 – 3 weeks dependent on the size of the order/paperweight.

E) If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your order, please contact the Preservation Team to discuss and we may be able to offer a discounted rate for the design of a new paperweight, however we will not reimburse any previous paperweights made as this was uniquely designed and hand crafted for you based on the flowers provided.

The Flower Preservation Workshop’s liability is strictly limited to the full purchase price of the paperweight/s.

G) Your order will not be finalised until FULL PAYMENT has been received, we will notify you when your order is complete, to check the return delivery address if you have not already advised us of this, however IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE PAYMENT ON OR BEFORE THE DATE STATED ON YOUR INVOICE.

Failure to make payment of your final balance WILL result in the delay of the completion of your order, we do not accept responsibility for this.

H) Once the deposit payment has been made, you are committed to following your order through to the final product. If for any reason, you decide that you no longer wish to proceed with having your flowers preserved and encapsulated within our paperweights, you will still be liable for the full outstanding amount of your order.

I) Due to the demand and expertise of our work we cannot guarantee a delivery date, this is all estimated until your paperweight/s have been cast ready to be polished and packaged ready for return delivery.

J) Orders cannot be amended following 1 week from Invoicing – (The designers may in exceptional circumstances amend this however, additional charges will apply for amendments made reducing the size/amount of paperweights, payment of your Invoice will be then required immediately).

K) In the event your order is not received as expected we will contact the courier/royal mail and investigate. We can provide a tracking number is required if you wish to track your parcel (is possible) however please be patient this is out of our control and we will do our best to resolve the issue & get your order to you as soon as possible. Any compensation paid by the courier/royal mail will be paid to The Flower Preservation Workshop & we will endeavour to re-create your order if possible.

Each flower head is totally different and therefore each procedure can take an extended length of time to preserve should the flower head be extremely delicate

The Preservation Process cannot be rushed as we need the flower head to be 100% dry and therefore we cannot physically complete this until this process has been completed.

Trading standards states that in the case of genuinely custom made items, the only circumstances under which a customer is entitled to a refund is if you have made something which is defective or not what the customer actually ordered (wrong flowers etc).

Any further questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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