Flower Preservation FAQ

Flower Preservation Workshop's specialisation in designing, manufacturing, and retailing high-quality, bespoke, hand-made paperweights with preserved fresh flowers is truly unique and impressive. The fact that we handle all the processes on-site in Somerset adds a personal touch and ensures a special experience for our customers.

Having over 36 years of experience in the field of floristry and flower preservation speaks to the expertise and dedication of our team. It's great to know that we have evolved our business and knowledge over time, focusing on creating exceptional handmade, bespoke flower paperweights.

The fact that our paperweights are individually designed by our team of florists to suit the preserved flowers ensures that each piece is unique and carries a personal touch.

Being awarded membership of The Guild of Master Craftsmen! This recognition sets our Flower Preservation Workshop apart as a company that excels in its craft and showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional products to our customers.

With our full nationwide flower preservation service, customers from all over the UK can now cherish their special moments with beautifully preserved flowers in our handmade paperweights.