Photoshoot at Old Oak Farm, Curry Rivel

What a delight this day was a few weeks ago. We got to visit the brand new barn at Old Oak Farm in Curry Rivel, Somerset. Our first ever photoshoot. A special thankyou to everyone involved!

Despite being in the industry for over 36 years, can you believe we have NEVER had a photoshoot?!

Rachael has had a few images taken of her over the years from photographers, for rewards, magazine articles, and blogs but we have never been involved in a ‘staged wedding photoshoot,’ and we can tell you we loved it, and we will definitely be doing it again. Becky brought along some of her famous triple chocolate gooey brownies, this very well may have added to the enjoyment on the day.

It was a slight headache trying to get the right people there at the right time but what events aren’t? We made it work and we are really pleased with the outcome.

We are so proud of everyone for making this come together and we are so very thankful for everyone that helped us achieve our goal.

Venue Old Oak Farm – Wedding Venue

Skin & Makeup Naturally Beautiful Somerset

Hair – Flair Hair

Wedding DressABC Wedding Dresses

Jewellery – Models own & Flower Preservation Workshop

Photographer – Shiny & Co

FloristBees Meadow

Naturally Beautiful – Curry Rivel, Somerset

To give credit where credit is due, we simply could not have pulled any of this off without the help of Lucy at Naturally Beautiful in Curry Rivel, not only was she the stunning model for the day but she was also her own makeup artist and had successfully completed several naturally enhancing beauty treatments prior to the photoshoot.

Lucy specialises in all natural treatments for the face and body, offering lashes and non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as CACI non-surgical face lifts and radio frequency collagen lifts.

Bees Meadow – Martock, Somerset

A huge thankyou to Beulah, the florist/farmer and owner of Bees Meadow based in Martock, Somerset who hand grew the stunning bouquet of English blooms and perfectly placed them into the most gorgeous fun and playful handtied bouquet for us to style for the shoot.

The bouquet was made up of delphiniums, garden English roses, geums, alliums, cow parsley and Hellebores.

We simply cannot wait for these flowers to come out of our freeze-drying machines ready to be encapsulated for a lifetime. Images of this to come soon.

ABC Wedding Dresses, – Curry Rivel, Somerset

A huge thankyou to Carol at ABC Wedding Dresses, based in Curry Rivel. Carol has been in the wedding industry for many years specialising in the most gorgeous bridal gowns and prom dresses.

The dress Lucy wore was to die for, it was the stunning Erin dress by Ronald Joyce.

To view the dress visit

Hair Flair – Mobile Hairdresser, Taunton, Somerset

A huge thankyou to Gemma at Hair Flair, based throughout Somerset, who pulled lots of strings to be there for us and with us. Not only did we have lots of laughs taming Lucys mane, but we thought her hair up do was just perfect! This stunning relaxed up do was the perfect fit for this shoot & Lucy’s hair.

Old Oak Farm, Curry Rivel, Somerset

We couldn’t have done this shoot without this stunning venue, we would like to say another huge thanks to Becky and Andy for letting us have a sneak peek of not only their brand new venue but also at the truly stunning set up they had prepared, all ready for the renewal of their vows the following day.

Although Old Oak Farm has been open for 11 years now, the barn itself has only recently been built, ready for their 2023 wedding season. It is remarkable what this couple have achieved in such little time and we are privileged to have been able to have early access to it for this shoot.

There’s something undeniably enchanting about a rustic barn wedding. The combination of weathered wood, open fields, and natural surroundings creates an atmosphere that is both timeless and romantic. Whether you’re a fan of the countryside or simply love the rustic aesthetic, a barn wedding venue is the perfect choice for couples seeking a charming and memorable celebration.

For a new build every attention to detail has been assertively taken, from the weathered wood, high ceilings, exposed beams to the huge fireplace. All of which adds a touch of rustic elegance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that guests will instantly fall in love with.

As you can see from our shoot, this venue created a haven for breathtaking photo opportunities with our photographer (Shiny & Co). The scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside combined with the rustic architecture of the barn provides a plethora of picture-perfect settings for any wedding album. From sun-drenched fields out to the Folly located next to the stunning Oak Tree.

Every corner of the venue becomes a backdrop for capturing cherished memories. Whether you desire whimsical outdoor shots or intimate indoor portraits, this rustic barn wedding venue offers endless possibilities for stunning photographs and memories to be enjoyed forever.

We can’t wait to show you the finished paperweight in a few weeks time..keep an eye out by following us on social media to see how these stunning flowers are transformed for an eternity in one of our bespoke floral paperweights!