The benefits of preserving flowers – Reasons why you should be considering it and doing it

Preserve your flowers for yourself? the mother of the bride/groom, a friend or family member as a gift?

Preserving flowers is a wonderful way to prolong their beauty and enjoy their presence for a longer period of time. For years flowers have been used to celebrate and decorate for all kinds of occasions. Flowers represent love, gratitude, love and appreciation, making them the most perfect gifts for every occasion. Preserving flowers extends the life of these special moments, making them last forever.

flower preservation benefits - flower preservation workshop

Here are some reasons why you might consider preserving your flowers:

Sentimental Value

Flowers are often associated with special memories and occasions. Preserving flowers allows you to hold onto those sentimental moments and cherish them for years to come. Preserving flowers is like freezing time and capturing the magical moments associated with them. It’s like having a real-life “Rememberall” from Harry Potter, but instead of memories, you have beautiful flowers!

Many brides choose to preserve their wedding bouquet as a keepsake, so that they can display it in their home following their wedding day. Similarly, people choose to preserve funeral flower tributes or flowers given to them by a loved ones who have sadly passed away, keeping their memory with them.

preserved flower paperweight - Flower Preservation Workshop

Unique Keepsake

Preserved flowers can be transformed into unique keepsakes such as flower paperweights, pressed flowers, or even jewellery. These personalized items make for meaningful gifts or cherished mementos. Preserved flowers possess extraordinary sentimental superpowers. They can transport you back to a cherished memory or make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. It’s like having a personalized time machine that instantly brings back all those warm and fuzzy feelings!

flower preservation benefits - flower preservation workshop

Symbolism and Tradition

Flowers often hold symbolic meanings and cultural significance. Preserving specific flowers that hold personal or cultural value allows you to honor traditions or convey meaningful messages from an event like a wedding, anniversary or funeral.

Multi Flower Paperweight in resin- The Flower Preservation Workshop

Decorative Purposes

Preserved flowers can be used for various decorative purposes. They can add a touch of natural beauty to your home or office space, enhancing the ambiance and creating a visually pleasing environment. They can turn your space into a never-ending floral fiesta with the added meaning from the story they once told when they were fresh.

Multi Flower Paperweight - The Flower Preservation Workshop


By preserving flowers, you can save money on constantly buying fresh flowers, which shortly after start to wilt and die due to their short lifespan.

Preserved flowers can last an eternity if encapsulated correctly within resin.

Multi Flower Paperweight - The Flower Preservation Workshop

Eco-Friendly Approach

By preserving flowers, there is an element of being eco-friendly, yes the resin is not but once the flowers are encapsulated they will last forever which really is amazing.

Multi Flower Paperweight - The Flower Preservation Workshop

Personal Enjoyment

Ultimately, preserving flowers allows you to prolong the enjoyment and beauty of your favorite blooms. It brings a sense of joy and satisfaction to have a piece of nature preserved and displayed in your surroundings.

Above all, preserving flowers brings eternal joy to your life. Each time you glance at those preserved flowers, your heart fills with happiness and a sense of wonder. It’s like having a perpetual source of joy that never wilts or fades away!

flower preservation benefits - flower preservation workshop

It is really important to research your preservation artist to ensure that the work they create for you not only gives you the sentimental value you are hoping for but to ensure that their work can last forever. Here at the Flower Preservation Workshop we can assure you that our paperweights will last a lifetime and will not fade or change colour in anyway if the care instructions are correctly adhered too. The resin for our paperweights does not change or discolour over time.

You get one shot to preserve your flowers