How to keep your wedding flowers fresher for longer?

Flowers smell amazing, look amazing and make us feel amazing most of the time let alone when we have our dream wedding bouquet crafted by a talented florist, here’s some tips to keep your beautiful wedding flowers fresher for longer after your wedding day

Transport them safely: Once your bouquet and other flowers have been transported to your venue by either yourselves or your florist, ensure they remain hydrated in a vase/container. Your florist might have
containers for them but always check first. This will allow you the peace of mind if you are moving to another venue during the day. Ensure the flowers remain hydrated, in a cool, dry place. Keep them away from direct sunlight or heat. This will help your flowers to stay fresh and healthy.

Of course, if you end up getting married on a hot day, do not panic there are still plenty of ways to keep them out of the sunlight and heat for significant periods of time.

Re-hydrate them: Following your ceremony, shortly after you reach your reception venue (if it’s not at the same place), ensure there is a vase ready to place your flowers into which contains clean water. We recommend asking a bridesmaid to take this duty so you can enjoy the day and be worry free. Ideally but this is not essential on your wedding day, using a sharp pair of scissors, trim each stem at an angle. Not too far up the stem to ensure they remain. This will help the flowers to absorb the water better and will keep them well hydrated during your wedding celebrations. This can be done later during the day/evening, but we recommend if at all possible, actioning this as quickly as possible.

The longer the flowers remain out of water, the more dehydrated they will get and sadly they will start to wilt. This will not happen immediately on the same day.

TIP: Make sure to add vases to the top table to place your flowers within. Also, vases onto each table your bridesmaids sit on for their flowers

Change the water regularly: Following your wedding day, ensure your flowers remain hydrated in clean water. Change the water every day to prevent bacteria growth. This will prolong their life.

Store them in cool temperatures: If possible, try to store your flowers in a cool place. Avoid placing them near a window or in direct sunlight or directly near air conditioning. This will help to maintain the freshness of your flowers after your wedding.

Use flower food: Flower food can help to provide nutrients to your flowers and keep them fresh for longer. Ask your florist for recommendations on flower food for the flowers you are having in your bouquet, they will also advise you how and when to use it following your wedding day.

Separate your bouquet: We recommend taking apart your bouquet as overcrowding can lead to excess moisture which promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. Allow your flowers to breathe and to have enough space to avoid early wilting.

To do this, we recommend taking your flowers apart from your bouquet. Just be careful when removing any wires and tape not to damage your flowers and yourself. The wires can be quite sharp. You may need scissors for this.

By following these tips, you can keep your wedding flowers fresher for longer and enjoy their beauty for a little longer

With our flower paperweights we can enclose one or most of your wedding bouquet into a timeless keepsake with one of our flower paperweights, within each of our designs the flowers remain as they were on your wedding day;

Full of life, bloom and most importantly as a stunning display together. 

They are carefully and expertly freeze dried and delicately arranged back together like they were when you first saw them but in a totally new and transformed way.

There are also other alternatives to keep your flowers following your wedding day; they can be pressed into a picture frame or made into keyrings and alphabetical letters. 

Lastly, if you are looking to keep your flowers forever after your wedding day, don’t leave it too late.

Although flowers lives can be prolonged for a short period, they cannot be kept indefinitely without full encapsulation. 

TIP: If you choose to preserve your flowers be sure to use a reputable company, you only get one chance to preserve them, so choose carefully. Most businesses have social platforms and well made websites, all of which showcase their work and style of preservation

There are lots of possibilities to keep your wedding flowers after your wedding day and we will be exploring that in our next blog. 

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preserved flower paperweight - Flower Preservation Workshop

preserved flower paperweight - Flower Preservation Workshop