Why Preserve your wedding flowers after your wedding ?

Preserving your wedding bouquet is a most to keep one of the most memorial items from your special day

Whether you are having a large or small wedding, flowers are one of the essentials for brides and grooms when planning their special day. So why let such a beautiful part of your day perish when they can be transformed into a beautiful paperweight to display in your home forever.

Flowers make a huge impact at a wedding and you`ll spend a lot of time researching floral inspiration, planning what your flowers will look like, ultimately holding your bouquet close, smelling the blooms, and marrying the love of your life.

It’s an emotionally sad moment when your wedding flowers start to die. Those adorable blooms which you have walked down the aisle, held for hours will be destined to the recycling bin if you don’t decide to save the memory of them forever.

Whilst preserving your flowers can be an investment to so many of our bride and grooms, it’s a priceless keepsake to kickstart a lifetime together of memories.

We capture those moments within our very luxurious range of paperweights made with crystal clear resins with a glass like finish all hand created in Somerton, Somerset offering a Nationwide flower preservation unrivalled service.

Including meaningful details/sentimental objects into your paperweight to cherish those memories for years to come.

Why we use Freeze drying as the process to preserve our flowers.

Flowers can be dried using several methods. Each one has its own pros and cons. Silica gel, pressing, and hanging upside down are all popular methods. However, if you want a more professional look of your flowers being preserved then freeze drying is the option.

Freeze drying flowers requires special equipment that causes the liquid particles inside the flowers to freeze before they evaporate from the flower and result in perfectly dried blooms. This means that your flowers maintain their perfect form and you will have dried flowers faster than any other method.

When flowers dry out in nature, they slowly decompose. When using the freeze dry method, however, you preserve the flowers through the process. They will not decay when drying out because the moisture is extracted far faster than if they were left to dry out on their own. These dried blooms can then be enjoyed for many months or even years, but they need to be encased within resin to keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

The one drawback of freeze-drying flowers is the cost of the equipment is not cheap in fact very expensive, but the results really do speak for themselves, one thing we have never looked back on.

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