The history of the Paperweight.. Flower Paperweights

A little bit of history of the paperweight..and why we chose to make them over anything else.

We often get asked…why paperweights? We have also several times been asked why we call our products paperweights? But how so? They are paperweights. What else should be call them? Orbs? Spheres? Glass balls?

The modern history of paperweights dates back to the 19th century when they gained popularity as decorative desk items. Initially functional, they evolved into intricate art pieces, showcasing resin/glasswork, flowers and memorabilia. Today, paperweights serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, reflecting diverse styles and materials in contemporary design. Who are we to change their name?

We are now in 2023 and paperweights are the rockstars of desks, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, office and home spaces, blending practicality with a splash of modern mojo in diverse styles and materials! They may not be used as they once were but we love that. We love that they can be kept for generations as heirlooms for years to come.

Paperweights can be crafted from a variety of materials, including glass, acrylic, metal, and resin. Resin is the material that we use, although surprisingly the clarity of our masterpieces are just as if they were created in glass. We captivate clients flowers and memories as one within the transparent or translucent medium, something we have been creating for over a decade. From preserving wedding flower bouquets, preserving anniversary flowers, preserving funeral tribute flowers, preserving birthday gift flowers and preserving everyday occasional flowers, some of which also including memorabilia such as rings, images and currency.

Choosing a paperweight over another heirloom might hinge on its practicality, as it serves a dual purpose of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Unlike some traditional heirlooms that may be display-only, a paperweight engages with daily tasks while adding a touch of personal style to your home and/or workspace. Additionally, the versatility of the range of flower designs that we can create in paperweights allows for a wide range of expressions, making them adaptable to various tastes and preferences to represent our clients memories.

So, why do we chose to keep creating paperweights, round ones at that? Well why not? That’s how they started and this is how we would love them to be remembered. We LOVE creating these beautiful heirloom keepsakes, we really have our paperweights down to perfection, down to the precision, the clarity, the unique and bespoke designs we create. You can tell them apart from the rest.

What do you think about keeping history?