Single Funeral Flower Tribute Charm Bracelet Jewellery Bead *NEW*


Single funeral flower tribute jewellery bracelet charm bead

If its not a paperweight you are looking for then a small keepsake of a lovely jewellery bead to encapsulate your flowers forever set in these stunning beads might be for you

A very sentimental way of keeping flowers from your loved ones very close to you

We enclose your petals and create them into hand made beads suitable for the standard modern style bracelet

These can be purchased separately or with paperweights – we often have special offers available so check these before purchasing

We will require a minimum of 1 flowers heads to complete this order – l flower head is required per bead.

The flowers can be naturally dried already, however we would to preserve the flowers to make them 100% dry

Beads can also be purchased in a set of three

Additional beads can be added to the maximum quantity you require



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