Single Funeral Flower Tribute Charm Bracelet Jewellery Bead

For those seeking an alternative to paperweights, our Single Funeral Flower Tribute Jewellery Bracelet Charm Bead offers a profoundly sentimental way to keep your loved one’s memory close. Encapsulating petals within handmade beads, these charms are compatible with standard modern style bracelets, allowing you to carry a piece of your loved one with you at all times. Each bead is crafted from at least one flower head, with the option to naturally dry or have us preserve the flowers for optimal durability.

Our charm beads are available individually or as part of a set, making them a versatile option for remembering your loved one in a unique way. Special offers are often available when purchasing alongside paperweights, providing a cohesive way to memorialise someone special. With the capability to add additional beads as desired, this keepsake offers a customisable tribute that can be tailored to suit your personal connection.


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Single Funeral Flower Tribute

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