2.5″ Petite Single Flower Bridal Bouquet Paperweight


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Our petite little 2.5″ designs enclosing just a single rose or smaller flower head!

A really petite 2.5″ single flower paperweight enclosing just the smallest of flowers!

We can just manage to enclose a small flower into this beautiful creation, so the flowers need to be less than 1.5″ in height and width to fit into this design

These are our adorable 2.5” designs where we can enclose a single flower.

A perfect wedding gift for a family member/friend/bridal or grooms party following your wedding .

Please note : Flowers for this size of paperweight need to be less than 1” across and less than 3/4 of an inch in height

10 reviews for 2.5″ Petite Single Flower Bridal Bouquet Paperweight

  1. Tracey

    Such a lovely add on to my order where l have received them all today !
    Wow they are so cute just love them .

  2. Mrs Bayley

    You made similar ones for my other two daughters, Rosanna 15 years ago and Henrietta nearly 5 years ago , and they are one of their most treasured possessions!
    Mrs Bayley

  3. Karen

    Absolutely beautiful- such an emotional day opening up these most treasured keepsakes from Isabella’s wedding flowers .
    We feel honoured to be able to have the opportunity to also have a keepsake as well as my daughter . Thanks so much Karen

  4. Roger

    Speechless , that’s all we can say ! Thank you is just not enough to say .

  5. Deirdre

    Dear Rachael , thank you so much for the suggestion of having these further little keep sakes of our mums funeral flowers , they are just beautiful. Thank you Deirdre

  6. fpw.manager

    Wow , perfection at its best


  7. fpw.manager

    I had ordered just one set of these originally but l couldn’t resist getting another set to share with the guests who could not attend the wedding , they were stunning and now we all have a little creation to remember Debs wedding day forever
    You are so talented !

  8. Laura

    So cute , we ordered these little keepsakes of our wedding flowers so we could share memories of our wedding day forever with my mum and mother in law.
    Such a lovely way to capture a little flower to celebrate the wedding bouquet always .
    Red roses preserved beautifully and now they sit pride of place in our bedroom by our wedding photos.
    Service is fantastic and we all love our little momento

  9. fpw.manager

    I am so thankful for your company for creating such a lovely memory of our beloved grandmother. We cannot thank you enough
    Gill and Family

  10. fpw.manager

    I just wanted a little memory forever of my Dear mum , so this was just the answer . Beautifully presented and an everlasting memory , we can`t thankyou enough


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