Elegance Bridal Set – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweights (Set of Two)


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ELEGANCE BRIDAL SET – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweight Offer

For this amazing price you get:

1 x 4.5″  Multi flower  preservation paperweight – this design is a mini version of your bouquet and we can enclose a large assortment of flowers. Several larger heads and lots of smaller flowers & foliage

1 x 3.5″ Multi flower preservation paperweights – this design is a snippet of your bouquet. We can enclose one larger flower head with a variety of smaller flowers

This is the perfect gift set for yourself or as a gift to the bride and groom. Or if you really wanted keep one for yourself and gift the other one paperweight to a loved one

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ELEGANCE BRIDAL SET – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweight Offer

This offer comprises of 2 of our most desired paperweights just for the bride and groom to enjoy – One of our 4.5″ Multi flower and one of our 3.5″ multi flower paperweights (MOST POPULAR )

Memorabilia can be enclosed on request, however please contact us or add this detail to your order in the comments section so we can ensure we can do this for you. Please however be advised once enclosed we cannot remove and ensure that this is separately packed away from your flowers in a clear bag when sending.

Personalised plaques are available at an additional charge, please ask for more details when ordering. This can be added at any time.

Did you know we can re-create any flower design ? All we need are images and we will do our best to match the flowers to recreate this for you. A small charge will be incurred for additional flowers. Please add any details in the comments section

All Designs are at the designers discretion.

All designs are bespoke to The Flower Preservation Workshop and to yourselves

If you are unsure of any details/sizes please get in touch


12 reviews for Elegance Bridal Set – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweights (Set of Two)

  1. fpw.manager

    Fantastic memento of wedding bouquet. I got a paperweight for myself this time, as well as for the bride. They look so beautiful when they come back! Well worth the cost. Packaging and communication are amazing, too!

    Bridget Graham

  2. fpw.manager

    Thankyou for all your help and recommendations. These were the perfect choice for us – Gabriel

  3. fpw.manager

    Straight after the wedding , our budget was totally blown but l knew l wanted to have my flowers preserved and my florist said if you don’t do it now you will never get this memory back ! so l hit google and lots of companies hit the top 5 but after scrolling down flower preservation workshop shone out for me .

    On the phone to Rachael who also knew our florist Julia really well , it was meant to be.
    nearly 6 months later l received my adorable flowers back set in two sphere globes – OMG , they were just stunning.

    It was so lovely to meet the team when l collected our orders and to hear about the work involved in creating each keepsake – it must be a labour of love for you all.

    A heartfelt thank you from Hayley and Mark x

  4. fpw.manager


  5. fpw.manager

    Wish l had taken your advice and gone for 2 of the larger 4.5″ designs , the difference is huge! Nevertheless two really beautiful paperweights that really reflect our memories back to our wedding day . 6 months to the day to get them back so this was so sentimental too.

    Cheers to all involved in creating them xxx

  6. fpw.manager

    Just over whelmed , tears streaming l can hardly write this message to you all – you understood what l have asked for so thank you so so much to all of the staff at the flower preservation workshop

  7. fpw.manager

    WOW WOW ,THANK YOU – best keepsakes ever ¬ thanks so much you guys

  8. fpw.manager

    Hi Rachael – received it this afternoon, thanks very much!! I had a hospital appt and we just got back as the postie was walking up our path for a signature. Phew!! They both look really great and at least Tasha will get hers in time for Christmas. Her dad’s going down to London tomorrow with all her presents and baby things- her baby is due Boxing Day.
    I’ll leave the good reviews as always. Thanks again for great communications and product. Happy Christmas 🎄
    Love Bridget

  9. fpw.manager

    Hi Rachael

    Good news, we have tracked it down! It only had ‘Katie’ on the address which is why the post team in the building had no idea who to give it to.

    It’s absolutely beautiful, I’m so pleased with it 🙂

    Thanks for your help!


  10. fpw.manager

    Dear Rachel,

    I would like to let you know that I was able to receive the paperweight and I LOVE IT!!!!!

    It is extremely elegant and cute and reflects exactly how our wedding looks:
    I was able to tell that you payed careful attention to my instructions such as using pink roses mainly and it looks exactly as I wanted! My husband and my parents in law also love it.

    I really cannot thank you enough for making such a beautiful work out of my wedding bouquet. I am so glad that I made the decision to get your service despite the fact that international shipping is so expensive. None one else can this for me.

    I have one last question. I really want to make sure that I keep this paperweight in a great condition for the rest of our lives. What is the best way to keep it nicely? How should I preserve it and clean it?

    Once again, thank you so much for the fantastic Christmas gift. I love it and this will be a fantastic keepsake that allows us to cherries our memory of the wedding day.



  11. fpw.manager

    This all arrived on time thank you and I hope you have all had a great break

    Alaina was absolutely delighted as she had no idea it was coming so that you all once again!!

    Best Wishes


  12. fpw.manager

    Hi Rachael,

    I am SO SORRY I just saw this email today! I hope you didn’t think my lack of response was a no to your request; my inbox has been backed up from the holidays. But yes, absolutely! Please feel free to use my florals for the promotion of your lovely work on your website!

    I first found your company couple years ago on IG and have been following you since because I knew instantly that I would want to preserve my flowered by your company in Somerset. When I told people I sent my flowers to the UK to have them preserved, they all asked why couldn’t I find anyone here locally or in the States. Each time, I would respond to them that the shape and quality is different. Plus, UK is a very special place to my husband and I. We would move there instantly if we could!

    That’s interesting to hear that my florals were different varieties than what you normal receive there. I would love to hear/see what you guys normally get in the UK.

    I loved that the paperweights all came with a unique identifying number on the bottom. Your level of professional from communication, to timeline, and delivery has been exceptional! To send things so delicate and important as wedding flowers, I had no worries throughout this entire time because of you. I am so grateful Flower Preservation Workshop is able to offer this service internationally to help preserve this aspect of our wedding.

    My husband and I recently visited our local flower mart and saw these roses put into water globes, and immediately we said to each other and agreed that they are not even close to the level of quality as your flower preservations. Wished I took a photo to show you!

    Below are some photos from our August wedding.

    All the best,

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