5″ Multi Flower Bridal Bouquet Paperweight


BRAND NEW FOR 2023. These paperweights are beautiful & such show stoppers. This is our 5″ paperweight which are approx. 1″ wider all the way around, but can contain up to a further 50% more flowers in this size of p/weight than the 3.5″ designs.

This is the fast becoming one of  desired size paperweight following from the success of our 4.5″ multi flower paperweight, enclosing a varied selection of assorted flowers and foliage all together from your bridal bouquet

These are approximately 5″ in size and can include a large assortment of flowers from your bouquet. This size allows more flowers and less reduction in sizes compared to our smaller sized paperweights.

This size is the size between the 4.5″ Multi Flower and the 6″ Multi Flower Paperweights

BRAND NEW FOR 2023 – 5″ Multi Flower Bridal Bouquet Paperweight

Memorabilia can be enclosed on request, however please contact us or add this detail to your order in the comments section so we can ensure we can do this for you. Please however be advised once enclosed we cannot remove and ensure that this is separately packed away from your flowers in a clear bag when sending.

Personalised plaques are available at an additional charge, please ask for more details when ordering. This can be added at any time.

Did you know we can re-create any flower tribute..? All we need are images and we will do our best to match the flowers to recreate this for you. A small charge will be incurred for additional flowers. Please add any details in the comments section

All Designs are at the designers discretion.

All designs are bespoke to The Flower Preservation Workshop and to yourselves

If you are unsure of any details/sizes please get in touch


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