Choosing the right flowers in season

A simple guide to which flowers you can have in your wedding bouquet for each season

Choosing wedding flowers based on the season in the UK can ensure that you have access to a variety of fresh, locally available blooms. Here are some popular flower options for each season in the UK:

Spring (March to May):

  1. Tulips: Available in a wide range of colors, tulips symbolize love and new beginnings.
  2. Daffodils: These bright yellow flowers represent rebirth and are a quintessential spring choice.
  3. Hyacinths: Fragrant and colorful, hyacinths add a lovely touch to spring bouquets.
  4. Lilacs: Known for their heavenly scent, lilacs come in various shades of purple and symbolize love and happiness.
  5. Peonies: Although their season starts in late spring, peonies are highly sought after for their lush blooms and romantic appeal.

Summer (June to August):

  1. Roses: Available in numerous colors and sizes, roses are classic and versatile flowers that suit any wedding theme. These are the rock stars of the floral world, roses are ready to serenade your wedding with their beauty, elegance, and timeless appeal.
  2. Dahlias: With their vibrant colors and unique petal formations, dahlias are popular choices for summer weddings. They add a touch of bohemian whimsy.
  3. Sunflowers: These cheerful and sunny flowers are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your summer celebration.
  4. Delphiniums: With their tall spires and range of hues, delphiniums add elegance and drama to floral arrangements. Delphiniums will make your wedding feel like a grand garden party, complete with majestic floral guardians.
  5. Sweet peas: Fragrant and delicate, sweet peas are known for their soft pastel tones and make for stunning bouquets. They will weave a whimsical spell over your wedding
  6. Ranunculus: They are exquisite and enchanting blooms that can add a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding. Ranunculus flowers symbolize charm, attractiveness, and radiant beauty. They are often associated with love and admiration, making them a perfect choice for weddings to express deep affection and enchantment.
  7. Aster: These are beautiful and vibrant blooms that can bring a cheerful and elegant touch to your wedding or floral arrangements. They symbolize love, patience, and elegance. They are often associated with enchantment and are believed to bring positive energy and good luck. Asters can be a meaningful choice for weddings, expressing affection and admiration.
  8. Nigella: Also known as Love-in-a-Mist or Devil in the Bush, is a unique and charming flower that can add a touch of whimsy and intrigue to your wedding or floral arrangements. Nigella flowers are associated with love, enchantment, and mystery. They bring an air of delicate beauty and intrigue to any setting.
  9. Astilbe: Known for their feathery plumes of flowers that rise above fern-like foliage, creating a soft and delicate appearance.. Astilbe flowers symbolize patience, grace, and refinement. They represent a feeling of understanding and radiate a sense of tranquility and beauty.

Autumn (September to November):

  1. Chrysanthemums: Available in various colors, chrysanthemums are symbolic of abundance and joy. These joyful blooms are the life of the autumn party, ready to bring an abundance of color and happiness to your wedding celebration.
  2. Dahlias: These flowers continue to thrive in early autumn, providing a wide array of colors and textures. These fiery flowers will light up your wedding with their vibrant colors, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.
  3. Marigolds: Vibrant and fiery marigolds are perfect for adding a pop of color to autumn bouquets.
  4. Hellebores: Known as the Christmas rose, hellebores feature elegant, long-lasting blooms in shades of white, pink, and purple.
  5. Calla lilies: These elegant flowers are available year-round but are particularly fitting for autumn weddings. They will make your wedding feel like a sophisticated affair, with their slender stems and elegant trumpet-shaped blooms.

Winter (December to February):

  1. Poinsettias: Classic Christmas flowers, poinsettias come in rich reds and deep greens, perfect for winter weddings. These winter stars will deck your wedding with rich reds and lush greens, making it feel like a cozy holiday wonderland.
  2. Anemones: These delicate blooms with dark centers are available in white, red, and various shades of purple. Delicate and enchanting, anemones will flutter through your winter wedding like snowflakes, adding a touch of ethereal beauty.
  3. Winter berries: Incorporate berries like holly or hypericum into your arrangements to add texture and a festive touch. Embrace the festive spirit by incorporating berries into your arrangements, creating a playful and cheerful winter vibe.
  4. Amaryllis: With their bold, trumpet-shaped blooms, amaryllis flowers create a stunning focal point in winter arrangements. Amaryllis flowers will make a grand entrance at your winter wedding, demanding attention and applause.
  5. Evergreens: Use foliage such as pine, cedar, or eucalyptus to provide a wintery backdrop and add a touch of freshness. Just like a warm hug, the fresh scent and lush greenery of evergreens will add a touch of natural beauty and winter charm to your special day.

So get ready to dance, sing, and celebrate your wedding surrounded by these delightful flowers, each adding its own flair and personality to your joyous occasion! Remember to consult with your florist regarding the availability and suitability of specific flowers during your chosen season, as weather conditions and other factors can affect their availability.