Flower Packaging

How to securely package your flowers (foliage is really important to enclose also as this enhances the beauty of the paperweights)

You Will Need

Note: Please use a plastic container such as a Tupperware or Ice Cream Box. If possible, avoid using a cardboard box, as these are much more likely to become damaged, or get wet during transit. Also before sending your flowers we would like to remind you we DO NOT return any boxes, they can be returned if you advise us and we can raise an Invoice for the return postage charge, once paid the box will be returned.

  • On the bottom of the tupperware box place a layer of kitchen roll(this retains the moisture within the flowers much better)
  • Wrap WET kitchen roll JUST around the bottom of the flower stalks and foliage, then cover with cling film ( approx 4-5″ length )
  • THEN Cover flowers with another layer of Kitchen roll and SEAL THE BOX
  • Ensure your name and address is clearly marked within the package.

  • If payment has been made in full using our online checkout ,no deposit is required .Please include a copy of your payment receipt with your flowers if possible or just write the details on a piece of paper please
  • Securely seal the box with tape and deliver to the Flower Preservation Workshop by using ROYAL MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY ( GUARANTEED NEXT DAY BY 1PM) through your local post office.
  • Note: When sending the whole bouquet we will only keep a small selection of the flowers. We will keep enough to design 2-4 paperweights, any remaining flowers will be re-cycled as due to the volume of orders received ,we cannot store surplus flowers. (FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, PLEASE EMAIL US BEFORE SENDING, AS THERE ARE DIFFERENT PROCEDURES WE HAVE TO ADVISE YOU OF PRIOR TO SENDING YOUR FLOWERS TO US;flowerpreservationworkshop@gmail.com)

    Send Your Flowers To…

    The Flower Preservation Workshop .Freshfields.Cartway Lane.Somerton.Somerset.TA11 6JH

    If you have any questions about packaging and sending your flowers to us, please do contact us.