Alternative flower varieties to Peonies when out of season

So many of us have been there, we have this image in or minds, on our Pinterest board of the ideal bouquet for our wedding only to find out the flowers you envisioned are not in season on the month you have chosen. But not all is lost! There are so many alternatives to each flower. All with their unique style and colourings.

Peonies are the main flower brides often get caught out by, Peonies are only in season generally in May and June however sometimes we are lucky to get to see them mid April until July.

Not all is lost however if you have your heart set on Peonies, you could opt for a few dried or artificial in your bouquet if your wedding date is set for earlier or later in the year or you could opt for some of the alternatives below:

Ranunculus – The Peony’s Spirited Cousin: With their frilly delicate layers petals similar to peonies, and come in several vibrant colours. Ranunculus are like the peony’s energetic sibling, always ready to brighten up any bouquet.. These blooms have delicate layers of petals similar to peonies and come in various colours.

Garden Roses – Peonies’ Romantic Rival: Garden roses are the ultimate romantics, giving peonies a run for their money with their lush appearance, their stunning petals and intoxicating fragrance. Resembling Peonies in their fullness.

    Lisianthus – The Peony’s Elegant Twin: Lisianthus may not be peonies, but they sure know how to rock those ruffled petals and exude elegance in any floral arrangement. Lisianthus can mimic the soft and elegant look of peonies.

    Dahlias – Peonies’ Bold Bestie: Dahlias are like the peonies’ bold and beautiful best friend, ready to steal the show with their dazzling array of colours and sizes. Dahlias offer a similar bold and beautiful presence as peonies.

    Hydrangeas – Peonies’ Fluffy Sidekick: While not exactly the same, hydrangeas bring their own fluffy charm to the party, making them the perfect sidekick when peonies are taking a break

      These alternatives can help you achieve a similar aesthetic when peonies are not available, who says floral substitutes can’t be fun? These alternatives will have your arrangements blooming with personality!