About Us

We are very proud to remain a family run business despite our growth over the years, with just one extra special team member, Julie who although is not family she has been part of our extended family for over 30 years. So let’s introduce you to everyone.


Indeed, Julie’s contributions as the Head of Quality Control is invaluable to our company’s success. With her experience and dedication, she plays a crucial role in ensuring that the paperweights produced by our company meet high standards. This commitment to maintaining quality not only ensures customer satisfaction but also enhances the company’s reputation for delivering top-notch products.

Julie’s ability to handle such responsibilities and maintain a busy schedule is commendable.



Rachael’s role as the proprietor and founder of The Flower Preservation Workshop showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. As the head designer, she is responsible for the creative direction and design elements of the workshop’s preserved flowers, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of beauty and quality. Her hands-on approach as the main cog in the wheel means that she plays a central and critical role in the day-to-day operations of the business, overseeing various aspects to ensure smooth functioning and success.

Rachael’s dedication and expertise are undoubtedly key factors in the success and reputation of the business. Her passion for flower preservation and commitment to delivering exceptional products and services have likely contributed to the workshop’s growth and positive customer feedback. Her dedication and leadership are likely inspiring to her team and instrumental in shaping the direction of The Flower Preservation Workshop.




Master Grinder/Handyman

Dean’s 36 years of support and experience in public relations have likely played a crucial role in maintaining strong customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality products. His assistance behind the scenes, coupled with his efforts to ensure the smooth running of the expanding workshop, has likely been instrumental in the growth and success of the business.

It’s wonderful to see how we have a positive impact of Dean’s involvement in the flower preservation business.

Becky Kwong


Finance, Marketing & Social

Becky has been a dedicated and multitasking individual, working both behind the scenes with our organization for over a decade and holding a corporate job in the public sector. Additionally, she is Rachael’s second oldest daughter and a mother to four young boys. Managing a busy and fulfilling life, balancing her professional career, family responsibilities, and her commitment to our organization. It’s commendable that she has been able to maintain such a busy schedule and contribute to your team for such a significant period of time.