How to send your flowers to us

Sending your flowers to our studios

Sending your flowers to us has never been easier. Take a look at our simple guide either on your mobile, tablet or computer.

We receive a lot of questions when it comes to packaging your flowers ready to send to our studios so we thought we would put together a little guide which you can view online or download and print, whichever is more convenient to help you!

We are also always available on the phone, whatsapp or email if you have any queries or concerns, you can also select the ‘Call Back’ function.

Remember to book online to receive your unique order number and to ensure you have an active account online. When sending updates for your order we will use this to notify you. You can also make any amendments to your contact details here, should your order change for any reason we can also make alterations here.

If you are wishing to send a whole bouquet, follow all the steps as detailed in the guide, however instead of placing tissue around each stem, place this over the entire base, there is no need to take your bouquet apart.

We recommend sending your bouquet in an upright container, carboard can be used if this is thick and enforced cardboard, enough to support little to no movement whilst in transit.

We hope you find this useful, as always please let us know if you need anything else from us. We are more than happy to help!