Funeral Flower Tribute Paperweights Door Knobs (Set of Two)

Transform your funeral tribute flowers into a lasting keepsake with our bespoke Set of Two Door Knobs. This unique offering allows you to cherish memories by incorporating small flower heads into stunning door knobs, set on polished chrome plates, ready to adorn the furniture item of your choice. Available in three sizes to suit any requirement, these door knobs serve as a delicate and meaningful way to preserve your tribute flowers, bringing a personal touch to your home décor.

Our extended range now includes options to fit every preference, ensuring that your keepsake is as unique as the memories it holds. Whether you’re looking to personalise a single piece of furniture or coordinate multiple items, our bespoke door knobs offer an elegant solution. For those needing odd quantities or specific customisations, we’re here to help tailor your order to perfection.


3D Flower Preservation

Set of Two Door Knobs
3 Size Options

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