Deluxe Bridal Party Set – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweight Offer (Set of Four)


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DELUXE BRIDAL PARTY SET of FOUR – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweight Offer

This is the perfect bridal party gift set. Keep one for yourself and gift the other three smaller paperweights to your bridal party Or keep them all!

For this amazing price you get:

1 x 4.5″  Multi flower  preservation paperweight – this design is a mini version of your bouquet and we can enclose a large assortment of flowers. Several larger heads and lots of smaller flowers & foliage

3 x 2.5″ Single flower preservation paperweights – this design will include a single flower with s small amount of foliage

DELUXE BRIDAL PARTY SET  – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweight Offer

This offer comprises of 4 of our paperweights – One 4.5″ Multi flower and three 2.5″ single flower paperweights

Memorabilia can be enclosed on request, however please contact us or add this detail to your order in the comments section so we can ensure we can do this for you. Please however be advised once enclosed we cannot remove and ensure that this is separately packed away from your flowers in a clear bag when sending.

Personalised plaques are available at an additional charge, please ask for more details when ordering. This can be added at any time.

Did you know we can re-create any flower tribute..? All we need are images and we will do our best to match the flowers to recreate this for you. A small charge will be incurred for additional flowers. Please add any details in the comments section

All Designs are at the designers discretion.

All designs are bespoke to The Flower Preservation Workshop and to yourselves

If you are unsure of any details/sizes please get in touch



5 reviews for Deluxe Bridal Party Set – Wedding Flower Bouquet Preservation Paperweight Offer (Set of Four)

  1. fpw.manager

    Fantastic quality and workmanship , wish all our paperweights came back like these .

    We did purchase some cheaper ones online but there is no comparison in the quality of a product that you will keep forever .

    First class service !!!!!

  2. fpw.manager

    There are not many times that l am speechless but today was one of them when l opened my order from you – tears of joy overwhelmed us both taking us back to our magical wedding day – we would like to say thr biggest thank you to Rachael and all her team at the flower preservation workshop for doing such a first class job in creating these orders for us .

    Alison and Roger

  3. fpw.manager

    This was going to be the most expensive gift from our wedding – so lucky l put this on my wedding wish list as soon as we got engaged as this was something that l really wanted to have done but our budget was tight – but we now have 3 of the most beautiful wedding gifts we could have ever asked for . Thanks so much for all your assistance in creating these for us and liaising with not 2/3 of our friend but 11 of them who made this possible for us .

    We simply can’t thank you enough !


  4. fpw.manager

    We just knew we had to take this offer up and having the free freeze dried flower petals as well ( delivered free of charge before thr wedding ) we couldn’t say no!
    Proud of place now in 3 homes across the uk where my mum, Dave’s mum and l can enjoy the memories of our wedding day forever

    Julie H

  5. fpw.manager

    This was what we spend some of our wedding money on !
    A keepsake for us and our two mums – they are just stunning wish we kept all 3 but to share them with our mums was just so amazing!

    Well worth the nearly 7 mins wait , but like people say it’s well worth waiting for.


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