3″ Single Funeral Flower Tribute Paperweight

Our design offers a heartfelt way to cherish memories, enclosing a single, medium-sized open flower, complemented by a subtle hint of foliage around its base. This piece serves as a delicate memento or a thoughtful gift, allowing for the preservation of precious moments in a personal and meaningful way. The option to include memorabilia ensures that each creation is truly unique, encapsulating not just the physical beauty of the flower but also the emotional significance it holds.

Personalisation extends further with the availability of engraved plaques for an additional touch of individuality. Each design is crafted according to the highest standards of The Flower Preservation Workshop, reflecting the specific wishes and memories of those we serve. Our approach ensures that every piece is not just a preserved flower but a bespoke keepsake, tailored to celebrate and remember your loved one as you wish.


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3" Single Paperweight
Funeral Flower Tribute

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