Preserve my funeral flowers, a lovely way to remember the memory of a loved one

Multi Flower Paperweight - The Flower Preservation Workshop
Multi Flower Paperweight – The Flower Preservation Workshop

One of the most important elements of any funeral is the flowers. They should be the freshest flowers to fit with your theme and, most importantly, represent the individual being commemorated.

But with so many flowers to select from, which ones are the best to decorate your loved one’s casket? and being able to preserve these very sentimental flowers also to keep as an everlasting memory.

We’ve created the complete guide for fresh funeral flowers including the different meanings to be able to select the most favoured funeral flowers to preserve.

Flowers and what they their mean

Flowers help commemorate occasions throughout a lifetime and selecting the flowers most suitable for the family member is of the upmost importance to pay tribute to their lives.

The symbolism surrounding flowers goes back centuries and is often associated with religion.

Although each type of flower tends to have a common representation, flowers for funerals can often be used to express personal meanings that have meant something personal to your loved one.

Flowers representing or symbolising the deceased person’s character or way of life, bright cheerful colours, vibrant, simple/understated or country/wild style flowers.


The White lily today still remains a popular flower variety to be used at funerals, for the reason that they are so beautiful to look at and are often associated with peace and innocence. 

Unfortunately, not always the best flower to preserve as the pollen from the lily stamens can discolour the flowers, marking the delicate petals.

However, the Cala lily is a difference structure so these can look so elegant and vibrant within a flowing casket spray, a stunning flower to preserve well also.


The understated carnation, a long-lasting flower head which can last up to 10 days – The beautiful flower can come in an array of different colours, white carnations are widely used for funerals as they symbolise pure love. Red carnations indicate pure affection and admiration, whereas pink carnations suggest remembrance, which makes all three a fitting choice for funerals, preserving so well too.


Roses are one of the most loved flowers around the world and especially within a funeral tribute.

Each variety has its own special meaning. 

In the context of a funeral, 

white roses symbolise purity, humility, and innocence.

Red expresses love and respect.

Pink represents thankfulness to the deceased.

The yellow rose is to denote their deep ties.

Dark crimson rose suggests deep sorrow. 

Orange represents energy, passion, and excitement.

Lilac roses are symbolic to happiness quality of life and health.

Roses do preserve beautifully, and a flower that we see daily within selections of flowers within a funeral tribute.


These beautiful flowers with the most intricate petals are solely viewed as funeral flowers. Chrysanthemums are usually included in funerals as a positive tribute to the life of the deceased. As with many flowers, the colour red symbolises love, while white suggests loyalty and innocence. A yellow chrysanthemum traditionally represents neglected love or sorrow. Overall, the chrysanthemums are often chosen as funeral flowers because of their close association with love and joyful life.

Depending on the colour of these adorable blooms they are tricky to preserve as the petals are so delicate when preserved.


The gerbera is in the daisy family. These flowers are recognised for their beauty and love of sunlight. These flowers come in an abundant range of colours which each have very different meanings. For funerals, white, pink and other light-coloured gerberas are often selected as it’s associated with a simple and happy life, innocence and gratefulness. Their relation to happiness and the way the flower always turns towards the sun, the gerbera is a great flower to celebrate a loved one.

Anybody who has lost someone dear to them will know that holding their funeral does not mean that person disappears from our thoughts – in fact far from this.

The passing of a family member or friend will remain fresh in our memories for many years to come and coming to terms with the sense of loss we feel is perhaps the greatest challenge we can face in life. 

Having been to a funeral and then taken home the flowers, only for them to wilt and die within only a few days the option to preserve these beautiful blossoms is overwhelming.

But with a few simple steps, we can show you we can preserve funeral flowers In order to remember your loved one in the best possible way.

Multi Flower Paperweight - The Flower Preservation Workshop
Multi Flower Paperweight – The Flower Preservation Workshop