Meet The Team

Welcome to our first ever blog… introducing the faces behind the scenes.

The Flower Preservation Team
Winners of the South West Wedding Awards 2021

We are very proud to remain a family run business despite our growth over the years, with just one extra special team member, Julie who although is not family she has been part of our extended family for over 30 years.

So let’s introduce you to everyone….

Rachael – Proprietor,  founder and everything else

Rachael is the proprietor and founder of The Flower Preservation Workshop. She not only is the founder but she is also the head designer and the main cog in wheel, so to speak of the business. Making all the big decisions and keeping the team in check to ensure our clients get the upmost care and attention (as deserved) to their bespoke orders.

Rachael’s talents in flower preservation are of the highest quality and this is resonant throughout the whole business. 

Since a young age, Rachael has enjoyed working with flowers and being her own boss, whilst bringing up four darling children (now in their thirties) and juggling her own business all at once.

The Flower Preservation Workshop has grown significantly over the years, initially Rachael had a passion in floristry and opened her own business at seventeen years of age, later Rachael progressed her business and moved across to working with dried flowers, where she owned her own studio for many years before transitioning to flower preservation, and the rest is history.

Dean – Master Grinder/Handy man

Dean is Rachael’s husband of thirty six years, he is regularly summoned to the workshop to assist with our clients lovely orders.

Although a builder/waste manager as a trade and now a county councillor for the local area he is a great asset to the team, with his wide knowledge and skills for engineering and craftsmanship when we need his assistance. 

He is currently our master grinder, and without him our paperweights would not be as perfect as they are.

Julie – Head of Quality Control

Julie has been a friend of our family for over thirty years and we value her vast knowledge and understanding when creating our clients orders. Julie is very family orientated also, with two teenage children.

She has worked with us here at The Flower Preservation Workshop for almost ten years and we would be lost without her. No job is too big or small for our Julie.

She has a keen eye for detail, no blemish goes unnoticed when Julie is around.

Cristina aka Izzie – Lead Designer

Cristina is Rachael’s youngest and most challenging daughter. She has three children of her own and is currently our lead designer and has a great eye for detail, enabling her to create the most beautiful delicate designs for our lovely clients. 

We are incredibly lucky to have such a talent, not only in the family but working for our company, whilst also juggling training to become a midwife at the University of Plymouth.

Becky – Head of Finance, Marketing & Social

Becky has worked behind the scenes with us for over ten years, whilst also holding a corporate job within the public sector. Becky is Rachael’s second oldest daughter and the mother to four young boys.

Becky is a paperwork extraordinaire and a professional organiser, she is very methodical and meticulous in keeping the office and all aspects of the business organised, which helps the day to day running of the business. Becky also looks after all our social media and marketing.

We are so grateful for Becky’s expertise and dedication to the business, of which has and is helping us to continue to grow in the industry.

We have a wonderful studio based in Somerton, Somerset and have been fortunate enough to follow our passion with flower preservation through the years alongside our four children and occasionally with the help of our 14 grandchildren (more so in the six weeks holidays!).

Hopefully you will get to hear lots more of what we are doing over the coming months!