Autumnal Flowers

What autumn flowers would you choose? Here’s a few that we recommend.

Following on from our last post, we thought we would delve more into what amazing flowers are available for your Autumnal flowers.

Autumn bouquets and tributes are known for their warm and rich colours, making them a beautiful choice for autumn events (funeral tributes and wedding bouquets). Here are some fantastic options for flowers to include in an autumn tribute:

1. Orange Roses: Symbolising enthusiasm and desire, orange roses are perfect for capturing the essence of autumn.

2. Sunflowers: With their bright and cheerful appearance, sunflowers bring a touch of rustic charm to autumn bouquets.

3. Deep Red Dahlias: Dahlias come in various rich shades, and deep red ones are particularly striking for fall arrangements.

4. Marigolds: These vibrant flowers come in shades of orange and yellow, making them ideal for an autumn colour palette.

5. Burgundy Calla Lilies: The deep burgundy color of calla lilies adds elegance and sophistication to autumn bouquets.

6. Chrysanthemums: Known as mums, these flowers are available in various colors and are a classic choice for fall.

7. Autumn Leaves: Incorporating colorful autumn leaves or foliage like maple or oak leaves can add a natural and seasonal touch.

8. Orange Gerbera Daisies: These cheerful flowers can brighten up any autumn bouquet with their vibrant orange hues.

9. Hypericum Berries: Hypericum berries come in shades of red, orange, and green and can add texture and depth to your bouquet.

10. Mini Pumpkins or Gourds: For a unique and rustic touch, consider adding miniature pumpkins or gourds to your bouquet.

11. Eucalyptus: Silver-dollar eucalyptus leaves can provide a cool contrast to the warm, autumnal colors in your bouquet.

12. Wheat or Wheatgrass: Incorporating wheat or wheatgrass can create a rustic and textured look in your bouquet, perfect for the fall season

When creating an autumn tribute, consider mixing and matching these elements to achieve the right balance of colour , textures, and seasonal vibes that suit your theme and personal style.