Stunning 3″ New Offer

£415.00 £399.00

Our newest offer for our brides this weekend , limited availability on this offer!

A petite little paperweight enclosing a smaller variety of flowers capturing a smaller essence of your bridal flowers .

Flowers not exceeding 1″ in height and 1″ in width can be enclosed into this lovely new paperweight where the designers will select from your flowers supplied the best flowers to enclose.



For a limited offer we are designing 2 x 3″ multi flower designs enclosing small flowers. No peonies can be enclosed in this size of paperweight as they are just too large.

Our Designers will select the flower and plant material to enclose in this offer out of the various flowers and foliage supplied.

Small flowers not exceeding 1″ in height and width can be enclosed to make a smaller beautiful 3″ paperweight.


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