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Set of three Jewellery Charm Beads

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If its not a paperweight you are looking for then a small keepsake of a lovely jewellery bead to encapsulate your flowers forever set in sterling silver might be for you.

These can be purchased separately or with a paperweight .

l flower head is required per bead. The flowers can be naturally dried already or we would preserve the flowers to make them 100% dry for you following the same process used for our paperweights.

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A very sentimental way of keeping flowers very close to you, where we enclose your petals and create them into hand made beads suitable for the standard modern style bracelet.

This is for a set of three jewellery charm beads, we will require 3 flowers heads minimum to complete this order.

This product is also sold seperately

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1 review for Set of three Jewellery Charm Beads

  1. fpw.manager

    As I type this I have tears streaming down my face. I’ve had these beautiful preserved flowers a few days but hadn’t found the strength to post the photos until now.

    These are the rest of the flowers from my mum’s funeral. You may remember that I already had some set in resin; well this is another lot of flowers I sent to @flowerpreservationworkshop – I thought I was coping fine with things until I received these this week and I’ve been crying every since.

    You see, these are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and I am so SO in love with them and the reason I’m so emotional is because the person I want to show them to the most is mum. She would have loved them so much. I can’t thank @flowerpreservationworkshop enough for what they’ve done to preserve her funeral flowers forever. These mean more to me than anything.

    These are the flowers from my own tribute – the “MUM” one……

    Not only do I have the three biggest paperweights/ornaments ever but Rachael has also made me two door knobs and two charms for a bracelet.

    What she didn’t even know is that one of the last things my mum bought me was a pandora bracelet. These charms are made from the actual flowers from her funeral too. Can you imagine??!!! My head has exploded. The charms will never leave my bracelet.

    I feel so lucky and grateful for these amazing and incredible works of art. But I am also struggling with it being my birthday soon, and Christmas, without my mum. Everyone please follow @flowerpreservationworkshop and remember that they can turn any flowers into something beautiful you can keep forever – not just funeral flowers but wedding bouquets, prom flowers, anniversary flowers etc. I am so overwhelmed by the detail and craftsmanship that has gone into these. And I didn’t even know you could have charms made out of the flowers!!!

    I think I am going to put the door knobs onto my bedside cabinets as my bedroom is pink and gold anyway and I love the thought of sleeping next to them.

    I’m not asking for sympathy or trying to get attention when I tell you I can’t stop crying, I’m just being real. It’s hard right now but I’m so grateful & in awe of these. Swipe to see photos 💕🙌🏼

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We are very proud to be awarded the “Guild of Master Craftsmen” For the only UK Flower Preservation Company that designs and creates all of our hand made 3D flower paperweights here in Somerset. We’re also very proud to have recently become Rock My Wedding and official suppliers.

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